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August 1, 2016
Bridal Shower Photoshoot
Bridal Shower Tea Photoshoot at 1908 Cronulla – Bar and Restaurant 14th July,2017
July 26, 2017

Rose Hunt Workshop| Mudgee |25th March 2017

Flowers by Melly B had the amazing opportunity to be a participant in the Rose Hunt Workshop held at Mudgee Made Rose farm in March.

Mudgee Made Rose Farm is owned by Tanya Scott, where she has grown a gorgeous rose garden, on her working family farm, with 50 varieties of roses, several dahlia bushes and cosmos flowers!

The beginning of the workshop began with meeting Tanya Scott (rose garden owner) and Tanya Shaw (Sydney Florist – Oh Flora Studio) and we were taken to the gorgeous “fragrant and colourful” rose garden where we had the opportunity to admire, take in the beauty, forage and snip as many roses as we pleased! We as a group collected numerous roses, dahlias and cosmos – for making arrangements for the day.

Tanya Shaw – talented world traveled florist – demonstrated her worldly knowledge on how to arrange an untamed romantic bouquet and table centre piece. We then had the opportunity to put those learnt skills into practice.
Later in the day, Tanya also demonstrated how to install a flower arch, explaining all her best kept secrets!

Bridal Bouquet       table arrangement

Flowers by Melly B –  Romantic Bridal Bouquet and table arrangement.

Rosehunt 25 Mar (112 of 127)

We all had the opportunity to participate in “flowering up” the gorgeous flower arch


To finish the day, we were delighted in tasting the most amazing country dinner from Mudgee Made Catering and served the local Mudgee wines!!

What a fantastic day!! Thank you the two Tanya’s for an amazing day!


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